Hi. My name’s Jen. I LOVE to write. It’s in my bones, and the more I write, the better human being I find I am.
When I was seven, I was in an after school program for latchkey kids. That’s where I learned about writing stories. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. I wrote about everything from my pet ferrets to David Copperfield (the magician) to Tornadoes. The concept of tornadoes scared the hell out of me as a child.
Anywhoo, I wanted to become a writer. So naturally, in college I majored in English/Creative Writing. I spent six years in college because I was having so much fun writing that I didn’t want to graduate. And when I did finally graduate, I couldn’t find a job in the writing field, so I did what most dreamers did: I found a job in retail.
I then entered the Social Work field and returned to school for my Masters degree. The professors at University of Cincinnati made it clear to me that I should be writing. They were right.
I self-published a novelette titled, “Oval Alien Full of Dust”. Click HERE to check it out. It’s a fictional story based on my travels to Central America in my younger years. I love that story, best I’ve written thus far.
By the age of 33, I had virtually no writing to my name. I got back into my writing again and now I am working on my Community Novel titled, “Sentient”, which you can learn more about HERE.
Now, I have returned to my love for writing at a part-time basis. I write several days a week and still work part-time as a Social Worker. I spend time practicing writing, and so the writings you find on this site will be all my “raw” practice writing that will probably never be published elsewhere. I really just want to share it with you.
In other news, I love to climb, have a very dedicated spiritual practice, I read a shit ton and I believe in living what I love, so here I am. This is me.